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Light Master Color Filters

Light Master Color Filters
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As archers, how can we best deal with changing light conditions?

What do we do when it's too bright and the light reflects off the target?

What do we do when conditions are overshadowing and the contrasts are fading?

To these and many other such questions we searched for answers together with

renowned partner companies from the shooting optics industry and as a result we can

present our first 4 color filter light management lenses.

These are developed especially for the most relevant light conditions in archery,

so that you always have the right equipment to give your best.

Weight: 2gn


Yellow: A bright, wake-up lens in medium to low light conditions with high-contrast

technology. This lens increases the saturation of colors while highlighting the edges of objects.


Blue: Designed to highlight the center of the target. Eliminates all distracting reds,

calms and allows the eye to relax and focus without visual distraction.

A good solution especially in medium to low light conditions.


Red: Designed to improve clarity and contrast. Highlights target edges

and the delineation between peep and scope optimally. Calms the

vision in full sun and is ideal for open landscapes in bright weather.


Gray: The balancing lens in full sun to medium light.

Provides balanced yet rich color definition.

Enhances contrast and the perception of spatial depth.

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